Hexagon Resources has relinquished the exploration licence, EL-6702, that was hanging over our beautiful valley. It was "not considered to be prospective for Hexagon" when I enquired at their office in February 2017.


Of course, this does not stop another company in the future from taking out another exploration licence. But we have shown that our community will stand up against any plans to desecrate our beautiful valley with an ugly and destructive mine. We will not grant any social licence for such a thing to occur.


Molybdenum Exploration Licence EL-6702


The beautiful Valla area is not immune to the current trend that has resulted in the carving up of the whole of Australia into mineral exploration areas. In our case it is EL 6702, an exploration licence to explore for Molybdenum which was granted in 2007. Below is a map that shows the extent of the exploration area. This licence is held by Hexagon Resources.

EL-6702 exploration licence

The licence can be viewed at the NSW Government website.