Making a Submission


Go to the NSW government Draft North Coast Plan website:

This is the "How to get involved" tab.


Planning NSW website


Scroll down until you see the "Make a Submission" button. Click on the button.


Make a submission button


Read this page in full to make sure that you know what is required. About halfway down you can make the selection as to whether to submit as an individual or on behalf of an organisation.


Individual submission choice.


Following this are entry boxes for your personal information. All those with a red star are mandatory.


After entering your address you can enter your submission. There are two ways to do this - write your submission in the "Submission" box, or, attach your submission as a PDF file.


Submission options


I suggest that you write your submission in your favourite document writer (Word, Office Libre, Wordpad, Notepad - it is not important). Once you have saved your document you can submit it in one of the two ways above. I detail this below.


1 - Put the text of your document into the "Submission" box


In your document hold down the 'CTRL' key and press 'a' (CTRL-a). This will mark all the text in the document. Now press CTRL-c to copy all of the marked text. Click in the "Submission" box on the Planning page and then press CTRL-v to paste the copied text. It is now ready to submit.


2 - Attach a PDF file


In your document press the menu item 'File' and choose the 'Print' function. You must choose to print the document to a PDF file. This option is in the "Choose Printer" section. You may be asked to name it or it will just use the same name but with a .pdf file type. Press 'Print' and it will create the PDF file in the location you selected. In the Planning form you just need to select this PDF document using the "Choose file" button.


If you have an older computer and you can not find the option to print to a PDF the easiest thing may be to use the previous step to paste the contents into the 'Submission' box.


Sending the submission


The final steps are to tick the box to agree to the Privacy Statement (which I am sure you will read), enter the security code, and then press the "Send Submission" button.


That's it!