1982 - Farmland around the now quarry site sub-divided for rural-residential landholdings.

1996 - Quarry established and crusher plant installed.

2000 - Quarry seeks expansion. This is opposed by residents.

2002 - Proposal goes to Land and Enviroment Court. Approved with strict conditions.

2013 - Proposal to increase the extraction rate.

2014 - Quarry takes Council to Land and Environment Court seeking further increase in extraction rate.

2016 - NSW Government seeks to establish Valla as a mining area.

Valla quarry


Valla Quarry - A History of Land Use Conflict


Valla Quarry is located on the western side of Mount England. It is situated on the remains of an old volcano and quarries granite which is used for road base on local roads and driveways, retaining walls and water course control. An interesting discussion of the geology can be found here.

The Nambucca Shire Council approved rural residential sub-divisions along Valla Road in the mid-1980's. It then approved the establishment of the Valla Quarry within 1km of these sub-divisions in 1996, despite a spirited campaign of objection by affected residents. This was then quickly followed by a crushing plant which sits in the apitheatre formed by the quarry face, directing noise across the valley.


Fine for false reporting

April 6, 2016

Nambucca Guardian article



Application to increase extraction rate further

oct. 8, 2014



Less than two weeks after being granted approval to extract at a rate of 79,500m3/yr, Quarry Solutions informs Council that they are applying directly to the NSW Land and Environment Court to increase the extraction rate to 110,000m3/yr.

This means that the Council has to employ legal representation to the L&EC at ratepayers expense.

Statement of Environmental Effects.

Application for Change to Consent.

Land Owners Consent.

Noise Impact Assessment.

Traffic Report.

Noise Compliance Acceptance.

Blasting Impact Assessment.

Road Traffic Noise Assessment.

Environmental Protection Licence.

Quarry Environment Management Plan.


12 month review removed

sept. 25, 2014


The Council approves the increase extration rate of 79,500m3/yr but makes it conditional for five years, after which it reverts back to the original limit of 50,000m3/yr. The approval is motivated in part by the recognition of the once in a lifetime opportunity provided by the Pacific Highway upgrade, and the limit in recognition that the residents have already been to the Land and Environment Court to get Consent Conditions imposed on the quarry operation.

Development Consent Modification.


Valla Quarry Blast

aug. 21, 2014


Valla Quarry occasionally undertakes blasting. Here is a video of a recent blast. Warning - robust language alert.


Application to remove 12 month review

aug. 18, 2014


Quarry Solutions applies to the Council to remove the 12 month review. This has validity in that the Council had no authority to apply a condition to the consent in this situation. This is what you get when you do not have planners in the Council Chambers during meetings and Councillors make planning decisions on the run.


Application conditionally approved

apr. 24, 2014


The Council holds a regular council meeting at the Utungan Hall to consider the development application. To a very noisy and disgruntled audience they pass the application but concede to make it provisional upon compliance with Consent Conditions, to be reviewed in 12 months.

Development Consent Modification.


Application to increase extraction rate

Oct. 21, 2013


Quarry Solutions applies to the Nambucca Shire Council to increase the extraction rate of material from the Valla Quarry from 50,000m3/yr to 79,500m3/yr. The main thrust of the argument is that the increase in extraction is "not a significant change" to the consent, despite the fact that the truck movements increases by 59% and the operation of machinery increases by 59%.

The fact is that Quarry Solutions exceeded their extraction limit in the year to November 2012 by extracting a total of 57,736m3.

By September 2013 they had already extracted 67,683m3 and by the end of November 2013 (the accounting period) they had extracted 88,133m3. The maximum fine the Council could impose for this wilful breach of their Consent was a paltry $2,500 and they could not even agree to do this.

At $36/m3 this amounts to a sale of $1.36M of extra product for a $2,500 fine. Hardly a disincentive.


Application to increase the size of the quarry

Nov. 7, 2000


Roktam Pty Ltd applies to increase the size of the quarry. It is to cover a larger area and the extraction rate increased to 50,000m3/yr. This application is opposed by many local families living near the quarry. These families pay out of their own pockets to take the matter to the NSW Land and Environment Court, employing experts in noise, quarry management, and visual impact.

A negotiated settlement sees the quarry expansion approved but with strict noise and environmental conditions imposed. These conditions would not have been achieved if we had relied on the Council. Getting the quarry operator to comply with the conditions is another story.

2000 Environmental Impact Statement.

2002 Development Consent.


Conditional consent granted for crushing plant

Aug. 15, 1996


Roktam Pty Ltd is granted a conditional consent for a crushing plant. The conditions for this consent are woefully inadequate and the crushing plant is very noisy.


Initial quarry consent granted

Feb. 20, 1996


Roktam Pty Ltd is granted a deferred consent for a hard rock quarry at Valla - Marriotts Quarry. This development is opposed by many of the local residents.

1996 Development Consent.